About Joey Decaminada

Joey Decaminada

My name is Joey Decaminada, “Joey D”, and I am he owner of Leading Edge Athletic Performance; LEAP. I am a Father of 2 children, Joey and Maria. I have been in the business as a trainer, strength coach, competition coach, nutritional consultant, athlete, and business owner for nearly 20 years. I am a national level NPC bodybuilder and the winner of numerous titles. I was a college football player as a running back for 4 years and team MVP as a senior. I’ve also competed as a powerlifter and a NASS strongman competitor, where I hold 2 North American records.   My passion is training and coaching. I enjoy speaking at seminars, conferences, and schools on diet, exercise, and training. I work with everyone from 6 years old on up to professional athletes. I train anyone and everyone. I prefer group training for the competition, comradery, and intensity. I pride myself on not just building physical strength in my athletes and clients, but building mental strength as well. We train complete, at a fast pace, with maximal intensity. We have different groups based on age, need, sport, and ability. We have a spot for you at LEAP. I like to train people who work hard and want to be coached. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it! Challenge yourself & give it a try!


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