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Food For Thought

Morning cardio or fasted cardio is done on an empty stomach. This is an essential tool when it comes to fat lose. When I do a meal plan for someone who is trying to lose weight, be it for competition or for health or cosmetic reasons, the first thing I add in is morning cardio. This cardio is done upon waking up in the morning. First I have my clients drink 16oz of water and take any thermos that we have prescribed. Then 20-30 minutes later they start their cardio. I have them do about 30 minutes of some form of cardio exercise. The type of cardio and the duration really depends on the goal and physical condition of the client. Then once they have completed the prescribed cardio plan the client will then eat meal 1.

Now lets explore why this morning cardio is so important to reach your fat loss goals. Your body gets energy from 3 sources, glycogen which is your food, adipose tissue or your fat stores, and muscle. Your body looks for glycogen first, then moves to fat stores before it begins to eat muscle for energy. This is great news is you are following a meal plan from LEAP. We structure the diet so you are eating less carbs as the day goes on. Your body will burn those carbs off throughout the day and while you sleep. This way when you wake the next morning your body should have burned through the majority of the glycogen that you have stored in your system. But you have 30 minutes of cardio to do before you eat? Where will your body get the energy to make it through the cardio session? From your fat stores. Since you have depleted your glycogen stores your body will now burn fat at an accelerated rate, which is exactly what you are looking for.

Morning cardio is without a doubt the most optimal time to do cardio when weight loss is the goal, but don’t use this as an excuse. Cardio anytime throughout the day is better then no cardio at all. Good luck and I’ll see at LEAP!

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