Her Story- Missi Cotterman

Missi’s Bio


My name is Missi Cotterman. I am a 41 year old mother of a 20 year old child. I had always been very interested in fitness and bodybuilding but never had support emotionally – or the know how – to start.
After going through a bad breakup, a mutual friend sent me to Joey and LEAP and promised this is where I would find the push and help that I needed. I vividly remember walking up to the door and turning the knob with a very conscious “this is where my life is going to change” thought in my head. This was on January 27, 2015.
Joey explained the physical process I was about to go through. He explained that the workouts would be focused on a different muscle group each day; and that my food choices would change as well. What he didn’t explain (and I didn’t expect) was the emotional change that was about to take place during this process.
Each day at LEAP was spent lifting in small groups with Joey’s instruction. I had zero clue of what I was doing; but that was ok. Everything about this was foreign to me. Joey took the time to explain the movements and show the proper form for everything we did. Anyone of any fitness level can start at LEAP and feel ok with being there. Each and every single day is ended with a “Good Job!” from Joey. Nothing about this is easy. However, the results you get make every ounce of sweat, and every sore muscle worth it. Show up. Do what Joey says. See results. Gain all kinds of positives, inside and out. That’s how it works.
Over the last 8 months I have gained strength both physically and mentally… and abs! More importantly to me, though, is I have gained back my self confidence. I was at my lowest point when I walked through that door on January 27. I had no desire to get off of my couch for anything. I can honestly say now that I have my confidence back. I like to smile again and I enjoy being out with friends. My life truly changed for the better.
My goal when I walked through that door on January 27 was to be able to compete in a show in the Bikini Division. Now, I am scheduled to compete in two shows! I will be competing on September 26 in the 2015 NPC Ohio State show; and again in Lakewood, Ohio on October 10 in the Natural Northern USA Championships.
I can not thank Joey enough for the guidance and push and motivation over these last 8 months. It truly is a trust relationship and I’m very grateful that I trusted enough to turn that knob on January 27.
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