I’ve been working with Joey for about 5 months now. He has great classes, and he kicks your ass – I highly recommend taking this class!
~ Nicole, 30, mother of two

It’s very intense. He helps me get ready for all my fights; I owe it to Joey with all my jumps and conditioning. I started training 2-3 months ago, and just in that time I feel like I could go pro right now if i wanted just because of training with Joey.
~ Isaac, MMA welterweight record holder, Ultimate Victory Challenge

I started out wanting to lose weight and get toned. Joey has been great about getting menus together for me, making sure the workouts are continual. Each day is a new workout; he’s always changing it up. Great motivator. I highly recommend him!
~ Jay, training 18 months

In seven months I’ve lost 80 pounds, doing stuff I never thought I could do, pushing harder than I’ve ever pushed. If you want a great workout and to lose weight, work out with Joey!
~ Jimmy

I started training with Joey two years ago to get ready for a tournament. I’ve dropped 28 lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life since playing college baseball. I don’t have pains anymore and the strength and conditioning is just amazing.
~ Mike, General Manager at Metro Fitness

What I like best about this workout is it’s a very positive atmosphere, very positive people.
~ Tim, 50, firefighter

I’ve been training with Joey for six months. He got me on point for competing; since then I’ve competed in 3 different shows. His training is awesome. It’s always different, he consistently has me doing something different.
~ Client

Before I met Joey, I thought the only way to train and get fit was cardio and abs, but Joey showed me a whole new way of training. He’s given me a lot of strength and motivation, and I probably would’ve quit working out a while ago if it hadn’t been for Joey. I’m really proud of my results and I really just wanna keep going!
~ Client

I’ve never seen an individual take a program and make them stronger and faster and more agile. He took us from an average team to a championship program, and I give him all the credit.
~ Former head strength coach at Ohio Northern

I love my workouts. No workout is the same; it’s intense, I’m so much stronger because of training with Joey. I love his workouts – no workout is the same. It’s intense, I’m so much stronger because of training with Joey.
~ Client, 40 years old, training 2 years

Tommy is 13 and has made an incredible difference in his performance in wrestling and football in just three days a week in the gym.
~ Tom, Sr. and Tommy, Jr., 13

The workout’s real intense. we never do the same thing twice. It’s always fun and intense.
~ Nathan and Nick

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