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Start having the right energy that you need to get fit and healthy through real-world understanding of the balanced diet. Achieving high-end performance requires the right diet. So make sure you get the LEAP Nutrition Guide.

LEAP will help you learn the building blocks of a healthy diet. Plus you’ll have the energy you need to workout like a champion.

Our nutrition guide is based on years of performance and experience by LEAP’s founder Joey Decaminada.

In it you’ll get:

  • What kinds of fats you can eat, what kinds you must avoid.
  • 10 kinds of vegetables that will speed your metabolism and help you lose weight.
  • The kind of fruit that doesn’t sabotage your diet.
  • What kind of cardio to do. (and when to do it)
  • A sample plan for a male AND female to GAIN or LOSE weight.
  • Glycemic index and more.
  • List of appropriate foods & calorie count if you’re stuck eating somewhere on the go.

LEAP provides the nutritional guide that has everything you need from a professional athlete that received real results. It’s full of 24 pages of high quality, specific information that will help you to achieve YOUR GOALS.

You can get your LEAP nutrition guide for just $24.

BONUS: When you buy your nutrition guide, you’ll get a coupon for $25.00 off your first custom meal plan when you buy within 30 days.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you do the work you’ll get the results.  All of our work comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you do what we ask, and don’t get the results, we’ll give you a no-hassle refund.

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